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Cadbury Coins
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GOLD! Always believe in your sooouulll….


I found these in my fridge. I must have bought them a few months ago and buried them beneath other, more exciting bars.

I’ve always associated chocolate coins with cheap chocolate, so I was pleased to see that these were official Cadburys ones.

The Chocolate Coins, for those who have never been good enough throughout the year to receive some at Christmas, are a solid coin encased between two sheets of incredibly thin metal. You have to prise the two pieces apart to access the chocolate coin inside.

If you don’t have fingernails, you’re a bit stuffed.

I tipped out my coins and, in true miser fashion, stacked them in order of value. I had four 5p coins, Seven 2p coins and a few 1p coins. Disappointingly, I also had an obviously counterfeit coin with no value on it!


Come on Cadburys! If you’re going to supply chocolate that people associate with Christmas, don’t try to encourange children to get into counterfeiting or forgery! Its a slippery slope once you get into a simple crime like forgery, and you’ll soon find yourself committing worse and worse crimes, until you end up an armed robber.

Nice chocolate though, but a pain to get into if you have short nails.

Choc Rating : 6 / 10

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