Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Revels. Bizarre pieces of chocolate.


In each pack of Revels you get a random mix of 6 different types of treat. Each bag contains Maltesers, caramel filled chocolates, chocolate disks, orange filled chocolates, chocolate raisins and coffee flavoured things.

People usually buy chocolate because they know they like the taste. But these are the only chocolate whose marketing line seems to be “Buy these, you’re guaranteed not to like at least one of the flavours.”

Even the current TV advert shows a competition in which the competitors, or eaters, alternate in taking flavours out of a bag. They take one, eat it, and either like it or hate it.

Such a weird idea to sell something that, because there are 6 such diverse flavours, people are probably not going to like.

But I ate them, because thats my job.

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