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Snow Bites
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I should really have eaten these BEFORE Christmas…


Cadbury Snow Bites are a bit like Chocolate M%M’s, or Minstrels, in that they are a chocolate centre with a crispy shell. But then, in a bizarre twist, they have a coating of REAL SNOW!

No, no I’m just kidding. It isn’t snow, its icing sugar, but is it equally as annoying.

Before we carry on, I’m sorry for lying to you. In order to reassure you all, I’m going to clear up any confusion I may have caused – Don’t worry, icing sugar will not cause you to slip and fall over, you can’t build a snowman out of it, and Bob Geldoff isn’t going to co-ordinate a song about how little there is of it in Africa at Christmas time (in the same way he wrote the misguided line “there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time,” in a well known song despite Kilimanjaro, a huge range of snow-topped mountains, being one of Africa’s biggest tourist attractions.)


But it is equally messy! It gets EVERYWHERE! Look at my fingers!

The icing sugar is an odd choice for a coating, but it works really well. The only problem is that after eating more than 5, the icing sugar completely dries your mouth out.

Good, but messy.

Choc Rating : 5 / 10

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