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Deep Fried Mars Bar
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Whoever thought of combining a chocolate bar with batter is a genius!

Now I know this doesn’t technically meet the criteria for an “Eat The Treat” treat, because it isn’t for sale in a normal sweet shop, but I wanted to feature it here because… well… where else can I tell people about it?

I’ve read about Deep Fried Mars Bars (or Battered Mars Bars,) and heard about them on tv, but I had never been anywhere that sold them. However I always said that if I saw somewhere that sold them, I’d buy one.

For those of you who have never heard of them, they are a standard Mars Bar, dipped in batter and deep fried for 4 minutes. I believe they are a Scottish invention, as the first time I heard about them they were on sale in a chip shop somewhere in Scotland.

Now, I was born in Bolton. Bolton isn’t the most adventurous place in the world, so I was quite surprised when I noticed the local chippy was advertising them.

I asked the chip shop lady if they were really selling them, and she told me they were. So I ordered one. It was cooked, wrapped and I took it back to work to eat it.


It really isn’t the most appealing thing to look at…


… but my GOD it is a sweet, lovely gooey thing to eat!

I wasn’t able to take many pictures of it, as each time I squeezed it or bit it oil leaked out of it onto my hands.

The insides of the Mars Bar just go all squidgy, and you’re left eating a delicious hot fudgey goo. In batter.

Such a weird idea, but I applaud whoever first decided to deep fry one.


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