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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
Eat the Treat reaches 100 treats!
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Yes, it is true, Eat The Treat has just passed the 100 treats mark!

This means that I have personally eaten one HUNDRED bars of chocolatey treatyness. ONE HUNDRED! Jeez!

There are roughly only another 40 or so bars of chocolate to go before I reach my goal of eating one of each type of treat that sweet shops sell. If you have noticed any treats that you believe I have missed or I have not yet eaten, please let me know! The comments box below is always open to everyone, and I read everything you send to me.

After finally eating one of every type of chocolate bar, I originally planned on moving onto sweets and working my way through those. However, after eating so much chocolate, I think my teeth need a rest from sugar so I’ll be going onto crisps instead.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has taken time to read my ramblings, thanks to the PR people who send me freebies and thanks to my wife for allowing me to spend over £100 on chocolate over the last 6 months.


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