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Jameson’s Ruffle? Never heard of it…


Apparently the Ruffle is one of my work colleagues favourite treats ever. I showed it to her, saying I’d just found another obscure chocolate bar, and she almost snatched it off me.

Never seen them before myself, but apparently they are quite good, and so I was quite looking forward to eating this.

It turns out that my colleague had an awful taste in chocolate.

The Ruffle is raspberry flavoured coconut in dark chocolate.


Raspberry coconut. Coconut is well known to be one of the foods of the Devil, so adding an extra flavour to it only serves to make it more toxic.

The Bounty was one of the worst things I’ve eaten in my life. For hours after eating the Bounty, shards of coconut kept appearing in my mouth from being teeth. Coconut is just not a good thing to eat. I don’t think it was even designed to BE eaten. It was probably designed to be some sort of cavity wall insulation.

The ONLY good thing I can say about the Ruffle is that it isn’t as big as a Bounty.

Initially I was quite excited to find a chocolate bar I had never seen before, but after eating one I’m severely disappointed; firstly at the awful chocolate and secondly at my colleague. In fact, I’m so disappointed, I’m going to ask that my boss issues them a disciplinary written warning.

Choc Rating : 1 / 10

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  1. smalltown says:

    The words “raspberry flavored” should definitely have been your first clue. Never a good sign.

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