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Rice Krispie Square Chocolate
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Rice Krispies are brill.


These came out a few years ago. They are just a block of glued-together Rice Krispies in a foil wrapper.

I remember when I was young, a Rice Krispie cake, from my local cake shop, was 15p. Nowadays a similar cake would be about 50p. So these Rice Krispie Squares are actually great value for money. They are cheaper than a shop made cake, they’re bigger AND they are nicer.

It’s a win win win situation.

The chocolate ones have the added bonus of tasting, well, chocolatey.

They are, however, a winter treat. In warm weather they melt and become incredibly sticky.

A lovely treat, incredibly good value for money, but… why not just have some fun and make your own?

Choc Rating : 8 / 10

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