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Dairy Milk Turkish
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Imagine a yummy Dairy Milk filled with Turkish Delight type goo.


If you’ve always fancied getting your hands on a bar of chocolate which combines both the best AND worst elements of treaty goodness, then look no further than the Dairy Milk Turkish.

I presume that Cadburys had to restrict the name to Turkish, as opposed to Turkish Delight, for copyright reasons; Fry’s Turkish Delight is the more well known treat in this category. The last thing Cadburys want is Fry’s hounding them for royalty payments. Nice to see that Cadburys have opted for the same purple colour as Fry’s, though. Cheeky, but not too cheeky.

I didn’t like Fry’s Turkish Delight, and for similar reasons I also don’t like this Cadburys Turkish either. I don’t like the taste, the texture, the combination of chocolate and goo… I don’t really like much about this, other than the fact that it is covered by Cadburys chocolate.

Inside each chunk of Dairy Milk is a squidgy lump of Turkish Delight type goo. If you were to pop a chunk into your mouth and sick all the chocolate off, the remaining goo would be just the right shape to make a rather nice, decorative fingernail. In fact…


Nice as an ornate decoration for your fingers, not so nice to eat as a treat.

Choc Rating : 4 / 10

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