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Fry’s Chocolate Cream
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Another thing I haven’t seen since the 80s!


I’ve always thought that the Frys Chocolate Cream was one of those posh chocolates. It stems from a belief I had when I was young. I had seen them in shops but was never allowed to have one.

So 30 years later, when I saw them in the shop, I bought one.

I’d always imagined the insides of the Fry’s Chocolate Cream was minty. What a weird feeling is was to take a bite and find out that it isn’t. It is described on the packaging as a “Fondant” filling. (Is it pronounced Fon-dant or fon-don, like nugat is pronounced noo-gar? Do you omit the final letter? Is it THAT posh?)


I also didn’t know until just now that the outside is dark chocolate. Live and learn, eh?

It isn’t a bad bar, it just isn’t as posh as I imagined. And it isn’t as milk chocolatey. Or minty.

Choc Rating : 6 / 10

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