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Quality Street Purple Bar
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The Quality Street Purple Bar? Weird!


This is an odd one.

In Quality Street, there are many types of individual chocolates. You get orange creams, caramel squares, things with nuts in, praline triangles….

Now imagine someone thought, “I know what would be a great idea for a bar of chocolate – if we stuck loads of these together!” I don’t mean “lets make a big one of these”, I actually mean “lets stick them together.”


What a weird bar of chocolate! It is just 4 hazelnuts in caramel, glued together with a strip of chocolate.

It is nice an’ all, but I wasn’t expecting it to look so, well, disjointed. It is almost as though it is a bodge job, where the creators have just shoved a few hazelnuts in caramel together to see what they would look like.

Those wacky Quality Street people! I actually like this quite a lot!

Choc rating : 8 / 10

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