Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Chewy, wafery and chocolatey… Yes, it’s the amazing Drifter.


In my youth, the Drifter was my favourite chocolate bar. I didn’t used to like Twix’s as much as I do nowadays, and tended to prefer the chocolatey, chewiness of a Drifter. In my earlier days the Twix was too biscuity for me, and the Drifter was just the right balance of chew and choc.

My only comment, (not complaint,) would be that it needs a “king size” version of it made, as the normal drifter took me just 50 seconds to eat. A king sized one would probably last about as long as a normal sized Twix. I think about a minute and a half to two minutes is the optimal amount of time it should take to eat a chocolate bar.

Chocolate rating = 9/10

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