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Smarties Pumpkin
Categories: Chocolate Bar, Nestle

Its a spooky hollow pumpkin!


I’m assuming this is called a Smarties Pumpkin; although it is obviously shaped like a pumpkin, it doesn’t say pumpkin anywhere on the description. (Like Green Aero, which doesn’t actually say “mint” on it.)

Inside the wrapper, you’ll be pleased to learn that the chocolate is ALSO embossed in a pumpkin fashion! I love this!


Now, as it is a Smarties product, the pumpkin contains LOADS of Mini Smarties. (When I say “loads”, I mean 23.)


Mini Smarties are good if you eat them one at a time. That way, you can pretend you’re a giant eating normal size Smarties.

No? Just me who does that?


Overall the pumpkin tasted a bit like sweet “Calendar Chocolate”. If you’ve ever had a Kinnerton Character Calendar, you’ll know what this tastes like. The Smarties didn’t last too long and the pumpkin shell was a little too sweet for me.

I’d buy it again though, just for the cool pumpkin effect. I’m simple like that.

Choc Rating : 6 / 10.

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