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Galaxy Gift For You
Categories: Chocolate Bar, Mars

Galaxy chocolate AND a Galaxy Caramel… COMBINED?!? Count me in!


The Galaxy Gift For You (yes, it really is called that,) is a comparatively big square of chocolate, shaped like a present.

I noticed that the image on the packaging shows the chocolate bar the wrong way up. The loops on the bow are facing upwards, whereas on the bar itself the loops openings are to the bottom. This is probably not the best chocolate bar to buy if you have OCD.


However, it IS the best chocolate bar to buy if you want to try something genuinely lovely.

There are two sides to the Galaxy Gift For you. The chunkier left side is full of Galaxy Caramel, whereas the slimmer right side is just pure Galaxy chocolate.

It is such a great idea to have the two sides to it. Really enjoyed eating this!



A great treat, and a serious contender for the Eat The Treat Finalist List, if I ever managed to eat everything.

Choc Rating : 9 / 10

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