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Poppets Chewy Toffee
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Poppets Chewy Toffee are little Malteser-shaped balls of chocolate, with chewy toffee inside.

Traditionally on here, I usually take a photo of the product at a jaunty angle with part of the product sticking out. This was quite hard to do with Maltesers but impossible to do with Poppets. With Maltesers I managed to get one wedged into the end of the packaging so it was held in place by the bag. Poppets, however, are in a cardboard box. They either roll out or roll back in. There was no happy medium.

They are lovely treats though.

I didn’t count how many you get in a box, but it was “enough.” Not too many so you get bored of eating them and not too few that you search the box at the end hoping to find a couple wedged in the bottom.

Chocolate balls with caramel in them. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

Choc Rating : 7 / 10

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