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Twix Fino
Categories: Chocolate Bar, Mars

Today’s breakfast was a Twix Fino.


What a bizarre chocolate bar.

I love Twix, so when I saw the Twix Fino I imagined it to be like a Twix, but BETTER!

Having eaten one, the best way to describe it is… you know that mate you’ve had for years who you’re really matey with? Well imagine he introduced you to one of HIS mates and all this new mate did was try to be better than you, more outlandish than you and more braggier at everything. If you owned a bike, he’d brag that he owned three bikes. If your car was a few years old, he’d brag about driving faster than you in this years model.

They’re entertaining for a short while, but eventually you realise they’re more annoying than your original mate.

It’s like that.

Or more accurately, it’s a gay Twix.

Chocolate, caramel, explosive crunchy wafer and suitable for vegetarians.

Chocolate rating : 4 / 10

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