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Kinder Chocolate
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It’s like a Kinder but with no toy.


This isn’t a normal Eat The Treat item as it isn’t available as a single item in a shop. However I decided to include it as a special item, because it was presented to me by my work colleague, Ashleigh.

20110929-202235.jpg 20110929-202249.jpg

It is a great snack, but so dinky! I wish they made an aero-sized version of it, as it would become one of my favourite bars.

In a way, it is quite like the Ritter Sport Yoghurt bar, which is another superb treat that I won’t be featuring (not because I don’t like it, but because it isn’t for sale in normal sweet shops.)

I also had a chance to become the new face of Kinder by entering their competition.


I doubt I’m eligible, seeing as I’m 37, but I may submit an entry…

Choc Rating : 8 / 10.

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