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Twirl Bites
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Its a bag of Twirls, but dinky!


I do like Cadbury Twirls, (and yes, I realise I haven’t reviewed one on here yet, but I will do soon!) because it is one if those “just chocolate” bars that tastes light and fluffy.

Twirl Bites are petite Twirl pieces, (or Twirlettes as I decided they should be called,) in a bag. They taste just as nice ad normal Twirl bars, but you can get more in your mouth.

As a side note, I always used to get confused between Twirls and Spiras as they both sound quite twisty.



This is another treat that took me a couple of sittings to eat, but I’m confident I could do a full bag in one go if I was committed enough.

But then I thought, why rush them? They are SO good its nice having more than one sitting.

Choc Rating : 9 / 10

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