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Snack Shots
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Chocolate balls with a shortcake filling.


At first glance, these look very much like malteesers.


I guarantee, however, that they are not. They are so different in taste and texture, and very different in “claggyness”

In case you’re not sure what claggyness is, (and in that it’s either a lesser used word or a word I suspect I’ve just invented, the chances are you may not already know,) it is that slow, sticky feeling your mouth has when you eat too much shortbread, and you can’t swallow it.

Cadbury Snacks are a great treat. You get 6 squares of chocolate coated shortbread, which is just enough. A full pack of Cadburys Snack Shots, however, is too much. Mind you, its probably meant to be consumed in two or three sittings, not all in one. This may be my fault…

Choc Rating : 6 / 10

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