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Eat More
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The final day of International Eat The Treat week sees the Eat More bar rearing it’s snacky head.


This surprised me as it contained no chocolate. Instead it is a mix of treacle and nuts.

It isn’t a dark tasty treacle, but a mild, chewy type with shards of nuts generously mixed in. When combined the treacle and nuts seem to go well with each other.


However, each section I snapped off took about 5 minutes to eat. I sucked it, then it became malleable, then chewy, and because the treacle dissolved better than the nuts I ended up sucking on a nutty paste.

I do like treacle and, based on all the nut-related products I’ve enjoyed over this challenge, it appears I do like nuts too, but apparently not together.

If the Eat More contained less of either of it’s ingredients, I think I’d like it more.

Bar Rating : 4 / 10

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