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Oh Henry!
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Day 2 of International Chocolate week! Today, the Oh Henry! bar!


Not sure what to say about this, other than GOOD LORD, THAT IS A BAR OF RELENTLESS PEANUTS!

Man alive, you take a bite and peanuts come pouring out at you! Each mouthful had at LEAST 5 whole peanuts in it! It’s like a peanut Tardis!


Again, my mate Canadian Dave provided me with this treat. I guess, unlike me, Canadians quite like nuts in chocolate.

While I was reviewing this treat, you’ll never guess who came in, obviously tempted by the nutty aroma my bar was giving off.


Yes, THE Kate Middleton popped in to endorse the Oh Henry! bar herself!


(It was pure coincidence that Dave went missing directly before Kate arrived, and also coincidance that she had the same t-shirt on as my mate Dave had on just before be nipped out.)

In summary, it’s good, but it’s too full of nuts. (the chocolate, not Kate Middleton.)

Choc Rating : 6 / 10

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