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Emails from Chocolate Makers
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As you know by now, I plan to eat one of every chocolate bar in a sweet shop.

After emailing a few chocolate companies two weeks ago, I received a few replies. Both Nestle and Mars replied to my plea for free chocolate with gracious apologies, but Cadburys have still not replied.

Nestle were the first to reply. Their email said that they do not send out free samples of goods, and gave a fair reason. Kudos to Nestle for being so quick to reply and for a genuinely nice email.

Mars replied the day after, saying that they too would be unable to send me free chocolate, as I wasn’t a registered charity, a community project, contributing towards the environment, or towards pet welfare. I almost emailed back with photos of my many birds, but decided against it.

But Cadburys? To contact them you have to fill in their Contact Us page on their site. I filled it in, asking for an email address and it took them around 2 weeks to reply. When I had a contact email, I forwarded my request. To date I’ve had no reply from Cadburys.

Slightly disheartening really, as Cadburys has such a good reputation.

Anyway, even though Nestle and Mars turned me down, as they did it in such a nice way I have no bad feelings towards them.

As a thanks, here is a picture of a Nestle Crunch.


And of a Mars bar.


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