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Mint Aero
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Is it Mint Aero, or Green Aero?


This shouldn’t be referred to as Mint Aero. It should be called Green Aero. Now, you might think I’m wrong about this, but I’m not. I’ll explain why…

There are 3 flavours of Aero. The first is “chocolate” Aero, which tastes like normal chocolate. You can tell it is “chocolate” Aero, because the packaging is all chocolate coloured.

The next one is Orange Aero. This has orange packaging and the filling is orange. You call it Orange Aero because the packaging is orange in colour. They are rarer than the other two, but I recommend you try one as they are great.

The final member of the Aero family, following the packaging and filling rules of its predecessors, is Green Aero. Its called Green Aero because you cant have one rule for one and a different rule for everyone else.

Plus, it genuinely doesn’t say Mint ANYWHERE on the packaging.


If you call it a “Mint” Aero, you’re adding an extra word to it that Nestle have chosen not to include. It’s like asking for “caramel flavoured Caramac”; you’re adding the taste to its description and it really doesn’t need adding.

Taste-wise the Aero Green is nice. It has the familiar wide sections that Aeros should have, unlike the freaky Chocolate Aero.

And in spite of my earlier rant, yes, it tastes like mint.

(Why that photo is so small genuinely baffles me.)

So, Green Aero – I like it, but everyone gets it’s name wrong.

Choc Rating : 7 / 10

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Mint Aero, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

2 Comments to “Mint Aero”

  1. Jo says:

    Sorry to burst your mint bubble, BUUUUT, I have just checked the packaging for said confectionary and right above the nutrition information table it says “Smooth milk chocolate filled with minty bubbles”
    therefore, I can rest peacefully knowing this is INDEED a mint aero :-)

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    • craig says:


      As in “like” mint?

      As in “not actually mint but, like, a vague association with mint in that it’s green”?


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