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Walnut Whip
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Another Un-holdable chocolate treat.

It’s shaped like an inverted cone, and melts wherever you hold it. Why, Nestle, WHHYYYY?

But…. it tastes soooo good!

You get three main elements to this – the chocolate outer shell, the walnut atop and the frothy vanilla bit inside.

How to describe the inside of a Walnut Whip….. It’s like eating foam. Nice-tasting foam, yes, but foam nonetheless. It kind-of disintegrates upon touch, leaving just the taste of vanilla. It disintegrates that much In fact, you could probably eat a vat full of vanilla filling and not put any weight on*.


The chocolate is great, and the filling, although it dissolves, is a great combination.

But why make yet another chocolate bar that you can’t hold without getting it all over your hands? It isn’t as unholdable as egg-shaped chocolate, but it ranks up there

And why spoil it by adding a walnut on top?


The ONLY bit of Walnut Whip that I don’t like is the Walnut. Why not make one without a nut, and call it a Whip?

Choc rating : 8 / 10 (1 point deducted for the walnut, but 1 point added for making me eat foam.)

*unfounded and unproven dietary advice

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