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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Yorkie. Solid, chocolate bricks.


Yorkie, the chocolate bar, has been around for years. When I was at primary school, Yorkie was the grown-ups chocolate.

There used to be 6 massive blocks to it, each with a different letter atop each chunk, which would spell out YORKIE.

Nowadays however, although it’s still a beast of a bar, there are just 5 chunks each with the full word on each.

It’s no longer seen as the grown-ups chocolate either. Now, it is MANS chocolate.


In case you are an uneducated oaf who thinks words are unnecessary and prefer to communicate in grunts and pictures, they also have this handy image on the pack.


Luckily, I’m a man and so am allowed to eat one and share my thoughts with you.

It’s ace, albeit completely tongue-in-cheek sexist.

Choc rating : 9 / 10

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