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Smartie Bunny
Categories: Nestle, Packet

It’s a massive rattling, rabbit-faced bauble.

If you like mini smarties, and who doesn’t, then you’ll love the Smartie Bunny. Think of it like a hollow chocolate egg filled with mini smarties.

Actually, when I say filled, I mean containing 14 of the worlds smallest smarties.


When I was young I used to like eating one mini smartie at a time, so I could pretend to be a giant. With the Smartie Bunny, and with the fact that you have to break open its head and delve in to dig out the smartie goodies, it’s almost as though your role had changed and you’re now a giant zombie fishing for brains.

mmmm… brainzzzz….

Not a bad novelty snack, but a disappointing amount of innards.

Choc Rating : 5 / 10

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