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Kit Kat Chunky
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Kit Kay Chunky. Just a normal one.


With all the buzz of eating the different flavoured Kit Kat Chunkys a few months ago, (and I’m still unhappy about the fact that the Peanut Butter one won,) I completely forgot about the normal one.

It is just a single chunky bar of normal kit kat.

This is so nice, I don’t really know why Nestle decided to tarnish its reputation by even considering releasing a Peanut Butter version. Caramac I could have coped with, but not PB.

As a treat, the Kit Kat Chunky is a nice bar to eat. Wafer and chocolate. Thats all you need. It is another “Eat when you can’t decide what to eat” bar, just like the normal 4 finger kit kats.

Choc Rating : 7 / 10.

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