Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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The Flyte is ok, I suppose…


It’s basically a thin Milky Way which, amazingly, is also made by Mars.

It has a reputation for being diet chocolate. It tastes like normal chocolate but isn’t as fattening.

I don’t understand things like diet chocolate. They make as much sense to me as caffeine-free coffee, or alcohol-free beer. If you want chocolate, just eat chocolate. If you don’t want to feel the effects of chocolate, don’t eat chocolate. Is it not THAT simple?

As for the Flyte, it’s ok I suppose. It has a whipped filling, (like a Milky Way,) inside an outer case of chocolate, (like a Milky Way,) but costs more than a Milky Way does.

Choc rating : 5 / 10

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