Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Cadburys, you genius! Over the last couple of years I have found myself reviewing quite a few Cadburys products. Cadburys chocolate is great, but unfortunately quite a lot of Cadburys treats are just normal Cadburys Milk Chocolate in a different shape. So it was great to eat Cadburys Eclairs – FINALLY a bit of variation! […]


Found this in my fridge… Having a look on my Eat The Treat shelf in my fridge, (yes, I do have a genuine Eat The Treat shelf,) I came across this Milky Bar Ghost. I bought it to eat at Halloween last year, but it got buried under more and more bars of chocolate. So […]


ANOTHER free bar of chocolate! This bar was kindly donated by Chris, another colleague from work. I sometimes think my colleagues are trying to fatten me up for Christmas. (It is working, by the way. Since starting this Eat The Treat malarchy, I’ve put on about a stone in weight.) Chris asked me a while […]


I was given this by Ann, a work colleague. Free chocolate ROCKS! Ann handed this to me at work, with the coded message of “Here, I found this in my fridge. Well, I found a few so I pinched one for me and one for you.” I think they were her daughters. Shhh, don’t tell […]