Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Malteesers…. in a bar? On opening this treat, I was slightly repulsed. I like malteesers, I like chocolate in general, but this bar just looks like a really bad attack of some sort of boil-related skin disease. Lumpy, dotty, and in severe need of some ointment from the chemist. But MY GOD it is a […]


Is it a Kinder Bueno, but with segments? No. I thought this was a bar of chocolate with segments that you could break off, but it wasn’t. It was three separate chocolates in a wrapper. In retrospect I should have paid more attention to the wrapper, as it is clearly printed on that there are […]


My my, that IS a lot of bubbles! Me, at first: FUN! THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! Me, 2 minutes later: Oh, my mistake, it isn’t. It is nice chocolate, as I say for all Cadburys products, but yet again it’s just normal Cadburys chocolate in a different shape. This one is a bit like an […]


It a huge version of chocolate coin! So I was rummaging through my fridge recently and came across a few treats I had bought but hadn’t eaten. (Since starting Eat The Treat, and having to eat one of each type of chocolate, I had kind of gone off chocolate.) This was the first thing I […]