Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Oh, its a Christmas Elf! The Magical Elves chocolate bar is a seasonal treat in the shape of an Elf. Is it just an Elf version of a Freddo, I heart you ask… No, no it is far far beret than that. This bar also contains popping candy too! Shape-wise, it is quite Elfy, I […]


Whoever thought of combining a chocolate bar with batter is a genius! Now I know this doesn’t technically meet the criteria for an “Eat The Treat” treat, because it isn’t for sale in a normal sweet shop, but I wanted to feature it here because… well… where else can I tell people about it? I’ve […]

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Mars Planets. Not sure where the “biscuit” ones fit in… Mars Planets are a fun treat. They’re a bit like Revels, but with better flavours. The idea behind Mars Planets seems to be that you can enjoy all the different aspects of a Mars bar, but in ball form. Some of the chocolate balls contain […]


Yes, it is true, Eat The Treat has just passed the 100 treats mark! This means that I have personally eaten one HUNDRED bars of chocolatey treatyness. ONE HUNDRED! Jeez! There are roughly only another 40 or so bars of chocolate to go before I reach my goal of eating one of each type of […]


The Aero Christmas Tree. Stubby, chunky and green. Aero have again omitted the word “mint” from another Aero Green treat. It is, however, quite a nice thing to look at. Here, have a ganders! It has a milk chocolate outer coating, and a minty green centre, just like a normal Aero Green, but it is […]


Mars Almond?!? Isn’t that just a Snickers? Well, no, it isn’t a Snickers. Snickers have peanuts in them, whereas this mighty fine creation has almonds, an entirely different type of nut! I was a little skeptical when I saw it on the shelf of my local “cheap shop”, as the cheap shop is well known […]