Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Small, insignificant rolls of nothing. Imagine spending some money on a bar of chocolate, hoping it will fill that midmorning gap, but being left hungry as if you hadn’t eaten anything. That is the disappointing way that Milky Way Ameo left me. I’m still hungry, and 40p worse off! I’m sure all the posh ingredients […]


It’s a smooth, milky Milka bar, with pieces of Daim in it. It tastes great! I don’t really like Daim bars. I used to, and I don’t know what changed, but now I don’t like them. However, tiny pieces of Daim merged with luscious Milka chocolate works really well. I’m not sure if the pictures […]


The Milka bar is gorgeous. Its just pure creamy chocolate. It is quite a thin bar of chocolate, maybe a bit thicker than a Twix bar but thinner than a Toffee Crisp, but MAN is it good! Seriously, it is seriously good chocolate. It is creamy, smooth, milky and very, very moreish. The Milka is […]


I thought the Twix was generous with 2 bars. This has 6!!?! The Snack is 6 squares of shortcake, each generously covered in Cadbury’s chocolate. If you lay them out on a flat surface, they form a huge rectangle of chocolatey delight. Think of biscuits in chocolate. That is all they are. Biscuits. With chocolate […]


Rooooaaaarrrrr! The mighty Lion Bar is a supersized treat! It has everything any good chocolate bar had – caramel, wafer, chocolate… And with so many calories, for the price of any other chocolate bar, it is a genuine bargain! You’d have to buy 3 Flytes to get that many calories! For that reason alone, Lion […]


The Cadburys Wispa is just chocolate. a href=””> But it doesn’t taste like “just” chocolate. It tastes like…. fluffyness. It is almost as though it has been so thoroughly whipped, it no longer remembers what it should taste like. In fact, Wispas taste cold. It’s that light, it actually tastes cold. I hope that makes […]


The red car and the blue car had a race… …unfortunately the Red Car and the Blue Car were racing towards something horrific. When I was young, Milky Ways were a single, chunky bar. Nowadays you get two more slender bars per pack. I don’t really like Milky Ways. I don’t like things that attach […]


Man alive, this has a LOT of peanuts! A few weeks ago I finally ate a Snickers bar. I had never eaten one before, and hadn’t even eaten a Marathon before that. I just knew that I didn’t like peanuts in chocolate and that was enough to convince me I didn’t like them. How wrong […]