Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Another Un-holdable chocolate treat. It’s shaped like an inverted cone, and melts wherever you hold it. Why, Nestle, WHHYYYY? But…. it tastes soooo good! You get three main elements to this – the chocolate outer shell, the walnut atop and the frothy vanilla bit inside. How to describe the inside of a Walnut Whip….. It’s […]

Has Aero shrunk over the last few years, or do I have fat hands? When I picked this up, I thought I’d grabbed a “fun sized*” one. Compared to the size they used to be, it’s really skinny. It’s as though the chocolate itself has been on a diet. It used to be a bar […]

Dairy Milk. Simple. Cadbury’s signature chocolate bar is really simple, yet really good. It’s a 6-section bar of normal Cadbury milk chocolate. It’s the same chocolate that covers all Cadburys products, but a purer form without all that unnecessary filling. On the whole I do prefer chocolate bars with filling, but every so often it’s […]

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Take it easy, with Cadburys Caramel. And a rabbit. I thought the most appropriate place to eat a chocolate rabbit would be a field, and so I bring you this review live from a huge area of grass. It only occurred to me after I arrived how insensitive this may actually be. Imagine taking a […]

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Galaxy Bites. The new things in shops! Galaxy, or more accurately Mars, is responsible for some of my favourite chocolate. Galaxy Ripple is a heavenly delight, and Minstrels (the original “Melt In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand” tagline owner,) are a great treat too. So what do Galaxy Bites have to offer? Well….. Chocolate […]

Gentlemen! Another Yorkie for us to enjoy! When I say “Gentlemen”, I mean men in general for this Yorkie is also Not For Girls. I’ve often wondered how Nestle have managed to maintain their non-PC wording for so long. (It can only be because it’s a joke, I assume.) Anyway, the Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit […]

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Dairy Milk Chocos. Almost fun. Chocos are Cadburys new, exciting, fun chocolates!!! It’s Dairy Milk chocolate, BUT…. (and here is the FUN part) …. they are shaped like Rolos! And with no filling. They’re just individual pieces of Dairy Milk, in a tube. It’s a little hard to add much more description than this, as […]

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It’s a rabbit, but made of chocolate. I like maltesers. They are an individual chocolate that you can put into your mouth. Because I like Maltesers, with their familiar appearance and taste, I don’t really like the Malteaster bunny. Maltesers are good. You get the same amount of filling in each one. With the bunny […]

The Galaxy Caramel Egg is a weird thing. I like Galaxy chocolate and I like caramel. Technically, this should be something I really like. But it’s shaped like an egg, making it impossible to grip. I know the shape of chocolate shouldn’t affect how it tastes, but it’s such a genuinely awkward thing to hold […]

Cadbury Caramel is a deliciously smooth treat. It is six sections of caramel-filed Cadburys chocolate. They are not “chunks” as such, but more individual smooth domes of caramel filling. It used to be advertised on TV by a lady rabbit sat under a tree, who used to talk to a boy rabbit. She used to […]

Yorkie. Solid, chocolate bricks. Yorkie, the chocolate bar, has been around for years. When I was at primary school, Yorkie was the grown-ups chocolate. There used to be 6 massive blocks to it, each with a different letter atop each chunk, which would spell out YORKIE. Nowadays however, although it’s still a beast of a […]

A finger of fudge is just enough? …Yes, I suppose it is. It’s ok as a small, chewy snack, and would be an ample amount to “give your kids a treat.” It is chocolate coated creamy fudge, and is totally tasty. And at 17p it’s a bargain too. (However, at the back of my mind […]

The Flake is just chocolate, but loose. It tastes like Dairy Milk. That’s all the description you need, really. But… It’s called a flake, so you’d expect it to be flakey. It isn’t. It’s crumbly.. It should be called a Crumble. In fact, having briefly thought about it, the TV advert used to say, “Only […]