Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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I paid a fleeting visit to the sweet aisle of a nearby petrol station yesterday. I don’t mind saying I was a little worried by the amount confectionary on display. A few weeks ago I made a list of things I intended to eat, but seeing all the chocolate in real life was slightly daunting. […]

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After a few trips to different sweet shops, I calculated that I need to eat around 110 things. So, what exactly will I be eating? I figured the easiest way to keep track of the things I’m going to eat was to produce a tick sheet. It shows all the treats, sorted alphabetically and also […]

As you know by now, I plan to eat one of every chocolate bar in a sweet shop. After emailing a few chocolate companies two weeks ago, I received a few replies. Both Nestle and Mars replied to my plea for free chocolate with gracious apologies, but Cadburys have still not replied. Nestle were the […]