Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

The Galaxy Caramel Egg is a weird thing. I like Galaxy chocolate and I like caramel. Technically, this should be something I really like. But it’s shaped like an egg, making it impossible to grip. I know the shape of chocolate shouldn’t affect how it tastes, but it’s such a genuinely awkward thing to hold […]

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Galaxy Minstrels, from my Easter Egg. They are great. They are UFO shaped galaxy chocolate buttons, covered in a crispy shell. You get around 20 in a pack, which is a perfect amount. In the 80s the tagline for Minstrels was “They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”. In the early 90s, Minstrels […]

The Flyte is ok, I suppose… It’s basically a thin Milky Way which, amazingly, is also made by Mars. It has a reputation for being diet chocolate. It tastes like normal chocolate but isn’t as fattening. I don’t understand things like diet chocolate. They make as much sense to me as caffeine-free coffee, or alcohol-free […]

The Galaxy Ripple is a thing of beauty. It is a thin, (but by no means disappointingly thin,) bar of chocolate. I suppose the best description would be to liken it to a flake in a chocolate case. It’s so silky, so tasty and so smooth that it really is luxorious. In fact, the above […]

Today’s breakfast was a Twix Fino. What a bizarre chocolate bar. I love Twix, so when I saw the Twix Fino I imagined it to be like a Twix, but BETTER! Having eaten one, the best way to describe it is… you know that mate you’ve had for years who you’re really matey with? Well […]

As you know by now, I plan to eat one of every chocolate bar in a sweet shop. After emailing a few chocolate companies two weeks ago, I received a few replies. Both Nestle and Mars replied to my plea for free chocolate with gracious apologies, but Cadburys have still not replied. Nestle were the […]