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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

So, like, it’s a snickers? You KNOW I don’t like peanuts! Even though I’m not really a fan of peanuts, I seem to have eaten quite a few peanut-based treats. This one was ok, actually. It is very chocolatey inside… However, it is tiny. This isn’t a fun-sized one, this is a REAL one! It’s […]


I like caramel! This should be great! Am I missing something here? Is this not just…. … a really thin Mars bar? They’ve tried to make it look like there is an abundance of caramel by reducing the amount of everything else. Proportionally there is probably more caramel, but it is probably just the same […]


How did I miss THIS one!?! The Galaxy is a superb bar of chocolate that, having searched through my previous reviews, I seem to have omitted. I haven’t purposely avoided it, I just seem to have eaten every type of Galaxy related chocolate except the proper bar itself. Galaxy Bunnies, Galaxy Bites, Galaxy Minstrels… EVERYTHING […]


I love Twix! I hate Peanut Butter! Twix, for me, is the perfect chocolate bar. Just the right amount of biscuit, caramel and chocolate and just the right size. I love them. It already got a 10 out of 10 on Eat The Treat, the UKs leading chocolate review site*, so I don’t understand why […]

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Two fingers of de-lishness! Years ago there was Cadburys Caramel. It was a six segment bar of chocolate, produced by Cadburys and advertised by a rabbit. Each section contained a caramel filling. The people who make Galaxy, (that would be the people at Mars,) obviously wanted a piece of the caramel action and had to […]


Final day of Kit Kat Chunky week. The Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter is an atrocity. WHY would ANYONE want to, first of all, eat peanut butter and secondly make a bar of chocolate with it? Anyone? I opened this, knowing I despise peanut butter. It didn’t disappoint. It tasted horrible. Admittedly, the first bite […]


Galaxy chocolate AND cookies?!? You’d think that if you combine two of my favourite things, Galaxy chocolate AND cookies, you’d end up with a bar of chocolate that I like twice as much. Unfortunately, the addition of tiny pieces of crunchy cookie-flavoured biscuit adds nothing; if anything, they spoil a perfectly good bar of Galaxy. […]


Galaxy chocolate AND a Galaxy Caramel… COMBINED?!? Count me in! The Galaxy Gift For You (yes, it really is called that,) is a comparatively big square of chocolate, shaped like a present. I noticed that the image on the packaging shows the chocolate bar the wrong way up. The loops on the bow are facing […]


Ooooosh! This is great! I wasn’t a fan of the original Mars bar, unless it was sliced up into bite-sized pieces. But this, THIS is a whole new experience that I genuinely like! It is so chocolately, it can be excused for having no “crunch” to it. It isn’t just chocolate, it is TRIPLE CHOCOLATE! […]

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Maltesers are like little bubbles of cruchyness. Whenever I take a photo of the treat I’m eating, I always follow a few rules. Firstly, the photo has to show the treat open in my hand. Secondly, the photo has to be taken at an artistic, slightly tilted angle. Finally, the treat has to be slightly […]

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Mars’s signature bar. I’m not keen on Mars bars. Well, not in their default “chocolate bar” state. They are too similar to Milky Ways, another chocolate bar I don’t particularly like. I like chocolate and I like caramel, so technically I like 66% of the ingredients, but I prefer bars that have some form of […]


Small, insignificant rolls of nothing. Imagine spending some money on a bar of chocolate, hoping it will fill that midmorning gap, but being left hungry as if you hadn’t eaten anything. That is the disappointing way that Milky Way Ameo left me. I’m still hungry, and 40p worse off! I’m sure all the posh ingredients […]


The red car and the blue car had a race… …unfortunately the Red Car and the Blue Car were racing towards something horrific. When I was young, Milky Ways were a single, chunky bar. Nowadays you get two more slender bars per pack. I don’t really like Milky Ways. I don’t like things that attach […]


Man alive, this has a LOT of peanuts! A few weeks ago I finally ate a Snickers bar. I had never eaten one before, and hadn’t even eaten a Marathon before that. I just knew that I didn’t like peanuts in chocolate and that was enough to convince me I didn’t like them. How wrong […]


Day 3 of International Chocolate week! Hoorah for Canada and Hoorah for my mate Canadian Dave (from Lancashire). It’s the size of a King Size Mars, bit it’s just a big Milky Way. I wanted more from my third international chocolate bar. I didn’t just want a copycat Milky Way. I also didn’t want peanuts, […]


I can’t describe how much I dislike peanuts in chocolate bars. So for day 5 of Chocolate Nemesis Week, it seemed only right I ate something I really disliked. I say I dislike it, but in all honesty I’ve never had one before. I just know I dislike peanuts in chocolate, and that alone is […]


The Twix. Genius. One thing that bothered me a few years ago was this: If a two-finger pack is called a Twix, surely a single-finger should be called a Twick. I emailed Mars, who replied promptly stating that the correct term for a single-finger WAS a Twix bar, and the two-finger pack should actually be […]

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Galaxy Bites. The new things in shops! Galaxy, or more accurately Mars, is responsible for some of my favourite chocolate. Galaxy Ripple is a heavenly delight, and Minstrels (the original “Melt In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand” tagline owner,) are a great treat too. So what do Galaxy Bites have to offer? Well….. Chocolate […]