Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Cadburys, you genius! Over the last couple of years I have found myself reviewing quite a few Cadburys products. Cadburys chocolate is great, but unfortunately quite a lot of Cadburys treats are just normal Cadburys Milk Chocolate in a different shape. So it was great to eat Cadburys Eclairs – FINALLY a bit of variation! […]

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GOLD! Always believe in your sooouulll…. I found these in my fridge. I must have bought them a few months ago and buried them beneath other, more exciting bars. I’ve always associated chocolate coins with cheap chocolate, so I was pleased to see that these were official Cadburys ones. The Chocolate Coins, for those who […]

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Revels. Bizarre pieces of chocolate. In each pack of Revels you get a random mix of 6 different types of treat. Each bag contains Maltesers, caramel filled chocolates, chocolate disks, orange filled chocolates, chocolate raisins and coffee flavoured things. People usually buy chocolate because they know they like the taste. But these are the only […]

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Nibbles? Caramel? I like BOTH of those! I didn’t know what to expect when I got a packet of Caramel Nibbles. The picture wasn’t too clear. Would they be individual sections of Cadburys Caramel like you get in Cadburys Heroes? Would they be randomly shaped blobs of chocolate with a saramel filling? Surprisingly, they were […]

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Chocolate balls with a shortcake filling. At first glance, these look very much like malteesers. I guarantee, however, that they are not. They are so different in taste and texture, and very different in “claggyness” In case you’re not sure what claggyness is, (and in that it’s either a lesser used word or a word […]