Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

It’s a wiggly chocolatey world of fun. The Curly Wurly is a childhood favourite of mine. When I was young, they were 10p and huge. The chocolate strands, (were they the “Curly” part or the “Wurly” part? I never was sure,) used to be quite random. You would get sections that were a little sparse […]


My eggy nemesis returns for round 2. I reviewed a Creme Egg a few months back. I didn’t like it because it attacked me. I haven’t liked Creme Eggs since, in my youth, I ate 3 in quick succession and was sick. Not just sick, but SICK. Sick on such a grand scale that the […]

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It’s just Dairy Milk chocolate… They are very nice! You get quite a few in a pack, but I didn’t look to see if you get the equivalent weight as a Dairy Milk bar. I hope you do. It’d be a bit of a con if it cost the same but weighed less, just because […]


I thought the Twix was generous with 2 bars. This has 6!!?! The Snack is 6 squares of shortcake, each generously covered in Cadbury’s chocolate. If you lay them out on a flat surface, they form a huge rectangle of chocolatey delight. Think of biscuits in chocolate. That is all they are. Biscuits. With chocolate […]


The Cadburys Wispa is just chocolate. a href=””> But it doesn’t taste like “just” chocolate. It tastes like…. fluffyness. It is almost as though it has been so thoroughly whipped, it no longer remembers what it should taste like. In fact, Wispas taste cold. It’s that light, it actually tastes cold. I hope that makes […]


The Flake Allure – Cadburys latest piece of yum. This is quite a special bar of chocolate. It is a huge improvement on the Flake. If you remember, my issue with the Flake was that it was crumbly. You’d expect a Flake to be, well, flakey. But it was more crumble than flake. The Flake […]


A Big Race?!? How FUN!!! The Big Race bar is another version of the Spots vs Stripes bar (not yet reviewed on here but widely available.) It is supposed to inspire people to become competitive by picking a side (spots or stripes) and compete in mini competitions. On the inside of each wrapper is a […]


Another peanut-based International chocolate bar. Is that ALL they eat?!? This is, again, great! International chocolate bars are so much better than the tame UK counterparts. It’s a firm peanut butter, with pieces of peanut inside, topped with caramel and coated in chocolate. It’s really good! Now, I know what you’re thinking. For someone who […]


Day 1 of International Chocolate week brings us the Mr. Big bar! The Mr. Big bar, given to me by a Canadian friend Dave Langin, is just like a lion bar, but it’s the size of a truncheon. In fact, remember the Milky Wafer review I did? It is almost as long as that. It […]


Coconut is vile. Chocolate coated coconut is vilerer. It’s day 4 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Its bitty, it tastes nasty and it gets stuck in your teeth. Not just your front teeth, but your back teeth. You’ll find little pieces of bounty filling will just appear at random times through the preceding hours after eating […]


Day 3 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Pure sugar, anyone? Eating a Boost usually takes me over an hour. It tastes like eating pure sugar, and I can’t take more than a single bite of it’s overpowering sweetness at a time. The filling is quite bitty, as though most of the sugar hasn’t been mixed in […]


To start Nemesis week, where I eat nothing but chocolate I loathe, we have the awful Creme Egg. Man alive, I was SO not looking forward to this. The last time I experienced Creme Eggs was when I was about 6. I ate three consecutively and promptly vomited an eggy foam. How are you supposed […]


Cadburys finest crunchy (sic) chocolate bar. I hadn’t eaten a Cadburys chocolate bar for a while, and as this one was “best before June 11” I thought it a good idea to eat it quite soon. It is a very crunchy bar indeed. It’s almost entirely “crunch.” In fact, in that it is predominantly filling, […]

Dairy Milk. Simple. Cadbury’s signature chocolate bar is really simple, yet really good. It’s a 6-section bar of normal Cadbury milk chocolate. It’s the same chocolate that covers all Cadburys products, but a purer form without all that unnecessary filling. On the whole I do prefer chocolate bars with filling, but every so often it’s […]

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Take it easy, with Cadburys Caramel. And a rabbit. I thought the most appropriate place to eat a chocolate rabbit would be a field, and so I bring you this review live from a huge area of grass. It only occurred to me after I arrived how insensitive this may actually be. Imagine taking a […]

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Dairy Milk Chocos. Almost fun. Chocos are Cadburys new, exciting, fun chocolates!!! It’s Dairy Milk chocolate, BUT…. (and here is the FUN part) …. they are shaped like Rolos! And with no filling. They’re just individual pieces of Dairy Milk, in a tube. It’s a little hard to add much more description than this, as […]

Cadbury Caramel is a deliciously smooth treat. It is six sections of caramel-filed Cadburys chocolate. They are not “chunks” as such, but more individual smooth domes of caramel filling. It used to be advertised on TV by a lady rabbit sat under a tree, who used to talk to a boy rabbit. She used to […]

A finger of fudge is just enough? …Yes, I suppose it is. It’s ok as a small, chewy snack, and would be an ample amount to “give your kids a treat.” It is chocolate coated creamy fudge, and is totally tasty. And at 17p it’s a bargain too. (However, at the back of my mind […]