Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

It’s a bar of chocolate, with Smarties on the INSIDE!!! What manner of witchcraft IS this?!? Its a bar of chocolate, but with Smarties INSIDE?!? I have to say I am mightily impressed with the Smartie Bar. It’s a good size bar and quite exciting to eat what with all the colours and stuff. Each […]


Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. Nestle: Probably not the best people to get employment advice from. “Why was I having an unscheduled break from work? Nestle recommended I should.” As a reply in a disciplinary meeting this is probably not a winner, so it would be best to avoid falling for catchy slogans […]

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I’d give my last Rolo to me. Rolos are individual pieces of chocolate, a bit like Dairy Milk Chocos, but with a caramel filling, very much unlike Dairy Milk Chocos. The adverts used to centre around giving your last Rolo to a loved one, with the tagline “Do you love anyone enough to give them […]


The milkybars are on me! Actually, don’t be fooled. That was a joke. I’m not in a position to supply endless Milkybars, so don’t get in touch trying to claim yours. It is just not going to happen. The milkybar has been around for years and years. The original adverts are so old, they were […]


Is it Mint Aero, or Green Aero? This shouldn’t be referred to as Mint Aero. It should be called Green Aero. Now, you might think I’m wrong about this, but I’m not. I’ll explain why… There are 3 flavours of Aero. The first is “chocolate” Aero, which tastes like normal chocolate. You can tell it […]

Another Un-holdable chocolate treat. It’s shaped like an inverted cone, and melts wherever you hold it. Why, Nestle, WHHYYYY? But…. it tastes soooo good! You get three main elements to this – the chocolate outer shell, the walnut atop and the frothy vanilla bit inside. How to describe the inside of a Walnut Whip….. It’s […]

Has Aero shrunk over the last few years, or do I have fat hands? When I picked this up, I thought I’d grabbed a “fun sized*” one. Compared to the size they used to be, it’s really skinny. It’s as though the chocolate itself has been on a diet. It used to be a bar […]

Gentlemen! Another Yorkie for us to enjoy! When I say “Gentlemen”, I mean men in general for this Yorkie is also Not For Girls. I’ve often wondered how Nestle have managed to maintain their non-PC wording for so long. (It can only be because it’s a joke, I assume.) Anyway, the Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit […]

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It’s a rabbit, but made of chocolate. I like maltesers. They are an individual chocolate that you can put into your mouth. Because I like Maltesers, with their familiar appearance and taste, I don’t really like the Malteaster bunny. Maltesers are good. You get the same amount of filling in each one. With the bunny […]

Yorkie. Solid, chocolate bricks. Yorkie, the chocolate bar, has been around for years. When I was at primary school, Yorkie was the grown-ups chocolate. There used to be 6 massive blocks to it, each with a different letter atop each chunk, which would spell out YORKIE. Nowadays however, although it’s still a beast of a […]

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It’s a massive rattling, rabbit-faced bauble. If you like mini smarties, and who doesn’t, then you’ll love the Smartie Bunny. Think of it like a hollow chocolate egg filled with mini smarties. Actually, when I say filled, I mean containing 14 of the worlds smallest smarties. When I was young I used to like eating […]

The Milkybar Raisin and Biscuit. It combines two of my favourite things; Milkybar and biscuit. Judging by this site, you can probably guess that I don’t eat that much fruit. I don’t mind raisins, but prefer chocolate coated ones. It’s quite a creamy chocolate, as Milkybar usually is, and you get an adequate amount of […]

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I’m not sure what Caramac actually tastes like. I mean, it’s good, but what is it? It isn’t a chocolate bar as it doesn’t contain coacoa. It isn’t strictly caramel because it’s solid. Whatever it is, it’s great. It’s creamy and yum, and quite unique. It took around 3 minutes to slowly eat, and I […]

Awwww! Ickle lamb! This is basically a smaller than usual Aero, shaped like a lamb. No frills, no bells and whistles, just a smiling chocolate lamb. At least, it WAS smiling until I bit it’s head. Then it began to frown. Overall it’s a great novelty-shaped item, but it wasn’t big enough to satisfy the […]

This isn’t a runny caramel, as you would normally think of caramel, but a soft paste that tastes like mild coffee. Not a bitter Starbucks coffee, or a good quality Douwe Egberts coffee, but a cup of Mellow Birds coffee. Without chickory. As I’ve mentioned previously, a good chocolate bar should take no more than […]

Chewy, wafery and chocolatey… Yes, it’s the amazing Drifter. In my youth, the Drifter was my favourite chocolate bar. I didn’t used to like Twix’s as much as I do nowadays, and tended to prefer the chocolatey, chewiness of a Drifter. In my earlier days the Twix was too biscuity for me, and the Drifter […]

My wife asked if I’d like anything from the local shop. I asked if she could get me “something chocolatey.”. She didn’t disappoint! The Aero Caramel is a lovely, smooth delight. It’s the width of a tube of smarties, and has alternating layers of bubbles and caramel. Absolutely delicious, and my only complaint is it […]

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I thought I’d start the challenge by eating one of my all time favourite bars, the Nestle Toffee Crisp. I ate this one for breakfast. (When I originally emailed companies to ask for freebies, Nestle and Mars were the first two to reply. Almost 3 weeks later I’m still waiting for Cadburys to even acknowledge […]