Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Galaxy chocolate AND cookies?!? You’d think that if you combine two of my favourite things, Galaxy chocolate AND cookies, you’d end up with a bar of chocolate that I like twice as much. Unfortunately, the addition of tiny pieces of crunchy cookie-flavoured biscuit adds nothing; if anything, they spoil a perfectly good bar of Galaxy. […]


Halloween chocolates are plentiful this year! Earlier this month I featured 2 Halloween related chocolates. Cadbury had released the Screme Egg, and Nestle had brought out the Smarties Pumpkin. The Screme egg was a limited edition Creme Egg but with a green yolk. The Smartie Pumpkin was a hollow pumpkin shell with 20ish mini smarties […]

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The Quality Street Purple Bar? Weird! This is an odd one. In Quality Street, there are many types of individual chocolates. You get orange creams, caramel squares, things with nuts in, praline triangles…. Now imagine someone thought, “I know what would be a great idea for a bar of chocolate – if we stuck loads […]


A normal shaped Aero, but dark. Aero is usually ok, and this is ok too. But it is just more of the same. More of the old Aero tried and tested formula of bubbly chocolate in a chocolate covering. Out of all the Aeros, my favourite is Aero Orange. Next on the favourite list is […]


Poppets! Poppets Chewy Toffee are little Malteser-shaped balls of chocolate, with chewy toffee inside. Traditionally on here, I usually take a photo of the product at a jaunty angle with part of the product sticking out. This was quite hard to do with Maltesers but impossible to do with Poppets. With Maltesers I managed to […]


Its a bag of Twirls, but dinky! I do like Cadbury Twirls, (and yes, I realise I haven’t reviewed one on here yet, but I will do soon!) because it is one if those “just chocolate” bars that tastes light and fluffy. Twirl Bites are petite Twirl pieces, (or Twirlettes as I decided they should […]


The red car and the blue car had a race… …unfortunately the Red Car and the Blue Car were racing towards something horrific. When I was young, Milky Ways were a single, chunky bar. Nowadays you get two more slender bars per pack. I don’t really like Milky Ways. I don’t like things that attach […]


Ok, so I broke EatTheTreat… Over this last week, EatTheTreat got quite a large number of views. It ran sluggishly, and so I decided to move it onto another less populated server. I copied all the posts across from the old server to the new one, along with all the photos, comments, categories, stats….. it […]

I took a trip to the shop today, to try and gauge firstly IF it would be possible to eat one of each treat, but also how much it was likely to cost me. There are roughly, (very roughly) 80 types of chocolate bars, and around 40 things in packets, each costing around 60p each. […]

Hi there. I’m currently collating a list of chocolate firms and sweet vendors. Google is invaluable at not only helping me with firm names, but also with individual products that each of the firms sell. I may email them, to see if they would like to take part in the challenge. Maybe they could supply […]

Hey, look at all the cadbury goodness! Looks great!