Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

I used to eat these when I was 8!


So, like, it’s a snickers? You KNOW I don’t like peanuts! Even though I’m not really a fan of peanuts, I seem to have eaten quite a few peanut-based treats. This one was ok, actually. It is very chocolatey inside… However, it is tiny. This isn’t a fun-sized one, this is a REAL one! It’s […]


Posher Rice Krispie cakes? The Rice Kripsie Squares have been out for a good few years, so seeing these Rocky Road versions in shops was a nice treat. For those of you who have never experienced a Rice Krispie Square, they are a rectangle (yes, I know,) of Rice Krispies, held together with melted marshmallow. […]


A pair of chocolate… things. As the Olympics are due to start here in the UK very shortly, many companies have decided to produce Olympic themed treats. Cadburys have produced a few things. I reviewed the Cadbury Postcard a few months ago and their latest Olympic treat is, or are, these mascots. You get them […]


Aero Orange, with lumpy bubbles. I prefer Aero Orange to any other type of Aero. Aero Green is ok, just a little too fresh. Normal Aero is like eating a less whipped Wispa. Aero Orange is just right. This has such perfectly sized bites too. I think if I were to be stuck on a […]

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Hello! 8th April 2012 marks the anniversary of the first bar I ate for Eat The Treat. A year ago today I ate a Toffee Crisp, one of my all time favourite bars of chocolate. Why not start with one I definitely like, I thought. The review, for you nostalgia fans, is here – Toffee […]


Creme Egg Twisted. A chocolatey tube of vomit. OK, calling it a tube of vomit may be a little harsh. I don’t like Creme Eggs which, if you have been reading my posts here over the last year or so, you may know. I once ate quite a few Creme Eggs in one go when […]


Peanut Snap! While doing this challenge I discovered that I DO like peanuts in chocolate. Since primary school I had been convinced otherwise and hadn’t bought a peanutty bar in about 25 years. How bad can this be? Well, I didn’t like this at first. Its just peanuts held together by syruppy sugar. No chocolate, […]


Crispy! And M&M-y! These are a little like Maltesers, without the wheaty taste. They are more of a crispy biscuit that a honeycombe, but are darn nice! Each one comes emblazoned with an “M” on it. It must take the M&M people years to maunally paint all those Ms on individual sweets… Yet again, take […]

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Its a Freddo, but with caramel! When I ate the Freddo bar a few months ago, I was disappointed that it had no caramel in it. I was sure that Freddos contained caramel, so to take bite after bite and just find chocolate (albeit very nice chocolate) was a disappointment. Luckily, I managed to find […]


Oh, its a Christmas Elf! The Magical Elves chocolate bar is a seasonal treat in the shape of an Elf. Is it just an Elf version of a Freddo, I heart you ask… No, no it is far far beret than that. This bar also contains popping candy too! Shape-wise, it is quite Elfy, I […]


Whoever thought of combining a chocolate bar with batter is a genius! Now I know this doesn’t technically meet the criteria for an “Eat The Treat” treat, because it isn’t for sale in a normal sweet shop, but I wanted to feature it here because… well… where else can I tell people about it? I’ve […]


Yes, it is true, Eat The Treat has just passed the 100 treats mark! This means that I have personally eaten one HUNDRED bars of chocolatey treatyness. ONE HUNDRED! Jeez! There are roughly only another 40 or so bars of chocolate to go before I reach my goal of eating one of each type of […]


Mars Almond?!? Isn’t that just a Snickers? Well, no, it isn’t a Snickers. Snickers have peanuts in them, whereas this mighty fine creation has almonds, an entirely different type of nut! I was a little skeptical when I saw it on the shelf of my local “cheap shop”, as the cheap shop is well known […]


It’s a massive star!!! Continuing the theme of “Chocolate you can’t hold”, Cadburys have released their Wishes bar. I think it originally came out a year or two ago, but this was the first time I had bought one. It IS nice, it’s just another odd shape for a chocolate. The Cadbury Wishes has normal […]

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Not as posh as the Fondant one… The Fry’s Orange Cream is a stick of dark chocolate which contains a strip of VERY orangey cream. I usually like taking a huge bite of chocolate bars, but one big bite of this left me tasting orange for about 20 minutes. It is VERY PURE ORANGEY. It […]

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Jameson’s Ruffle? Never heard of it… Apparently the Ruffle is one of my work colleagues favourite treats ever. I showed it to her, saying I’d just found another obscure chocolate bar, and she almost snatched it off me. Never seen them before myself, but apparently they are quite good, and so I was quite looking […]


Rice Krispies are brill. These came out a few years ago. They are just a block of glued-together Rice Krispies in a foil wrapper. I remember when I was young, a Rice Krispie cake, from my local cake shop, was 15p. Nowadays a similar cake would be about 50p. So these Rice Krispie Squares are […]