Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

I used to eat these when I was 8!


So, like, it’s a snickers? You KNOW I don’t like peanuts! Even though I’m not really a fan of peanuts, I seem to have eaten quite a few peanut-based treats. This one was ok, actually. It is very chocolatey inside… However, it is tiny. This isn’t a fun-sized one, this is a REAL one! It’s […]

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Cadburys, you genius! Over the last couple of years I have found myself reviewing quite a few Cadburys products. Cadburys chocolate is great, but unfortunately quite a lot of Cadburys treats are just normal Cadburys Milk Chocolate in a different shape. So it was great to eat Cadburys Eclairs – FINALLY a bit of variation! […]


Found this in my fridge… Having a look on my Eat The Treat shelf in my fridge, (yes, I do have a genuine Eat The Treat shelf,) I came across this Milky Bar Ghost. I bought it to eat at Halloween last year, but it got buried under more and more bars of chocolate. So […]


ANOTHER free bar of chocolate! This bar was kindly donated by Chris, another colleague from work. I sometimes think my colleagues are trying to fatten me up for Christmas. (It is working, by the way. Since starting this Eat The Treat malarchy, I’ve put on about a stone in weight.) Chris asked me a while […]


I was given this by Ann, a work colleague. Free chocolate ROCKS! Ann handed this to me at work, with the coded message of “Here, I found this in my fridge. Well, I found a few so I pinched one for me and one for you.” I think they were her daughters. Shhh, don’t tell […]

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Malteesers…. in a bar? On opening this treat, I was slightly repulsed. I like malteesers, I like chocolate in general, but this bar just looks like a really bad attack of some sort of boil-related skin disease. Lumpy, dotty, and in severe need of some ointment from the chemist. But MY GOD it is a […]


Is it a Kinder Bueno, but with segments? No. I thought this was a bar of chocolate with segments that you could break off, but it wasn’t. It was three separate chocolates in a wrapper. In retrospect I should have paid more attention to the wrapper, as it is clearly printed on that there are […]


My my, that IS a lot of bubbles! Me, at first: FUN! THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! Me, 2 minutes later: Oh, my mistake, it isn’t. It is nice chocolate, as I say for all Cadburys products, but yet again it’s just normal Cadburys chocolate in a different shape. This one is a bit like an […]


It a huge version of chocolate coin! So I was rummaging through my fridge recently and came across a few treats I had bought but hadn’t eaten. (Since starting Eat The Treat, and having to eat one of each type of chocolate, I had kind of gone off chocolate.) This was the first thing I […]


I like caramel! This should be great! Am I missing something here? Is this not just…. … a really thin Mars bar? They’ve tried to make it look like there is an abundance of caramel by reducing the amount of everything else. Proportionally there is probably more caramel, but it is probably just the same […]

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Are they milk chocolate in a white coating? Vice Versas were originally around about 20 years ago, I think. I could be wrong. It could have been more recent than that. But you’re not here to read about my fading memory, are you? You’re here to read about treats! They are either a milk chocolate […]


Milk Pastiles? Are they like fruit pastiles, but with milk? “NO you fool!” I said to myself as I opened the packet, as they are like the worlds biggest equivalent of Cadburys Buttons. These are HUGE! Individually they are shaped like a mini-discus and each one is the weight of a small car. If you […]


Hang on… This is just a different wrapper! Yep, the Brit Kat is just a Kit Kat in a different wrapper. No extra things, no fancyness, no noticeable difference…. its just a Kit Kat in a new wrapper. Nice, but I feel conned, as I’ve already eaten one with a proper wrapper. Choc Rating : […]


Illiterate chocolate at its best! The Dubble is a bar of chocolate I remember from years ago. I haven’t seen one for yonks. I’d forgotten what they taste like. It was purely by chance that I came to eat one. The office newbie at work found out I had a blog on which I am […]


Orange Tango, in a bar of chocolate. Whoever thought of combining the shape of a Yorkie with the insides of an Orange Aero had quite a good idea. Adding the popping candy was an odd move. It may make it appeal to school aged children, but it kind of puts a fully grown adult off […]


Not a Cadburys “Snack”, but a Cadburys “Snack!” They can’t have run out of names for chocolate bars, can they? Reusing an existing one but adding an exclamation mark just seems a little lazy. This Snack! is quite a lot different to the Snack. For a start, it is in a pink packet whereas the […]


A Lolly treat! Im celebration of The Olympics, Cadburys have unleashed quite a few Olympic themed treats. This one, the Olympic Lolly, is a shaped chocolate figure on a stick. Thats pretty much it. As with many things that Cadburys seem to make, (Dairy Milk, Freddos, Flakes, Tasters, Wispas, Buttons, Chocolate Mascots, Easter Eggs,) it […]